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Last Updated on August 10, 2011

Why private university? why not public university?
As an international student who plan to study in Malaysia, private university is the most appropriate for them. Place in public university is limited and admission process is too strict and complicated for international student.

Below are list of top 10 private university/university college in Klang Valley (near Kuala Lumpur city). However the list is based on my study and research during my work as student agency. Forgive my English as it is my second language.

*These universities are chosen not becasue their name is follow by word 'university', etc. But they must provide a university standard in term of their study, facilities and accommodation. Do you think one university should only has a block of building that situated at the crowded city? without any green area, trees. If yes then you can be a stress student with a stress environment.

Here you are for top 10 private universities in Malaysia:

1. Uniten
Uniten or University Tenaga Nasional is fully subsidized by Tenaga National Berhad, the major company that provide electricity service in Malaysia. So you'll know which course is their main expertise. But place is limited due to their reputation.
If you want to study here, please provide full supported documents as many as possible like your high school achievement, etc.
Pro: Very big university. Good reputation. Enough facilities.
Con: Some faculty like IT is located quite far from hostel. However you can buy bicycle or just wait for feeder bus.
Accommodation: Good. Hostel
Internet: Provided in hostel but may slow during peak time. You can buy wireless 4G internet for your own use.
Transportation: Bus and taxi.
My award:

2. MMU
Multimedia University or MMU is located at Cyberjaya, the silicon valley in Malaysia, not far from Uniten. You should know what courses they provide based on university name. However MMU also provide Engineering courses. In fact MMU is owned by TM Berhad, a company that provide telecommunication service in Malaysia.
Pro: Big university where you can find stadium, lake and green area anywhere. More than enough accommodation, inside or outside.
Con: unknown
Accommodation: Very good. Hostel and rented apartment
Internet: Provided in hostel but may slow during peak time. You can buy wireless 4G internet for your own use.
Transportation: The university located near to Cyberjaya transport terminal (bus and taxi).
My award:

Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College is owned by JKR, goverment body for mass work related in public infrastructure. If you interested in civil engineering then this university is your best choice. However this university also provide other Engineering and IT courses. The word 'Kuala Lumpur' for university name can give a good impression to your certificate.
Pro: Mid size university that less crowded. Very near to hostel and rented apartment. Very leisure study for leisure student.
Con: Some old building but university reconstruct to make it nice.
Accommodation: Very good. Hostel and rented apartment  
Internet: High speed internet in hostel but may slow during peak time.
Transportation: University provide feeder bus to nearest train station for your outing during weekend.
My award:

4. University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus)
This brand new university is painted with white color that make it look nice especially during night time. It located far away from busy city but university provide enough bus for student during weekend outing. What I can say about this university it superb. Due to it worldwide recognition and high student standard, make sure you have good result before apply for this university. Just imagine you want to study at University of Nottingham in U.K. One of the best place of interest nearby is Broga hill. Just google for 'Broga hill' to find out more.
Pro: Brand new university. High quality lecturer and student standard.
Con: Limited of food because it far from outside restaurant
Accommodation: Very good. Enough hostel
Internet: High speed internet in hostel but may slow during peak time.
Transportation: University provide feeder bus to nearest train station for your outing during weekend. Taxi
My award:

5. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
This is unique university  provide some unique courses that can't be found at other university in Malaysia. It located at Cyberjaya, near to MMU. The environment is good with one building concept, all in one. So no need for you to worry about tight schedule for class. This university focus on creativity and brand new technology. So it very suitable for creative student outside there.
Pro: All in one location. Good lecturer from around the world
Con: Hostel located far from college
Accommodation: Hostel
Internet: Good
Transportation: Bus and taxi
My award:

6. University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI)
Formerly known as Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT). Location-wise is good but no hostel provided.  So student need to rent their own house. Plenty of apartment can be rented by student, not far away from college. Bus and taxi is available for student. For me this university is good in term of their education quality. Student from UCTI is the most wanted by industries. It located at Technology Park Malaysia, one of best location for IT related industry. Application also quite tough. About 50% student here are not from Malaysia.
Pro: Good reputation. Well known in Asia
Con: Could be crowded due to it all-in-one building
Accommodation: Self
Internet: Self
Transportation: Bus and taxi
My award:

will be updated soon.

7. UniKL
9. Segi

For those who like to study in medic, I suggest you for International Medical University, located near to Bukit Jalil, main location of Commonwealth game in 1998.

So which university you are going to study? Contact me for free consultation. Remember that your exam result in high school or O level is very important to apply for certain course.

Lastly, you won't regret if you select one of above universities for your study place.

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